Pre-release buzz

 Goblin and Coins II will be released on Steam on April 11th, 2023. Members of the press, youtubers, twitch streamers and other gaming media are welcome to the media kit, and of course, to request pre-release keys through the Keymailer or Woovit. I've also reached out to some Steam curators, and others contacted me... And now we wait. 

Besides a really nice and informative stream, you can also read an interview that Play!Zine did with me. 


Goblin and Coins II coming in April

 A date has been set for the release of Goblin and Coins II, a sequel to the 2016 indie small bean Goblin and Coins. The game is coming to Steam in April this year! 

It's a 2D platformer created by a solo-developer, focused on bringing features gamers requested after enjoying the first game. Run and jump through a new adventure, explore the world, collect coins, unlock upgrades, revisit levels to find secrets and face enemies old and new. 

 What's new? 

  •  Improved graphics, extended mechanics and simple puzzles 
  • Create your own difficulty by getting or ignoring the upgrades 
  • Revisit levels, find secrets, optional easier start for the new players 
  • No game over - there's a secret way to regain your lost lives... 
  • It Already supports English, Serbian, Turkish, Brazilian Portuguese and Russian, with more languages coming in the future.